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A Message From Our Pastor

Do you ever get the post-Christmas blues? That feeling of being "let-down" after the holidays are over? Maybe it's when the credit card bill arrives. Or when your visit to the doctor registers how many pounds you gained from those cookies. Or maybe you feel it when the flurry of people and parties ends, and all is quiet. The cold of January probably doesn't help either!

Every January, I find myself wishing that the Christmas feeling could continue. But when I sit down to think about what I'm really missing, I realize that there are things I can do to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

  1. Keep gathering with people. So much of what is great about Christmas is being with loved ones. Invite a friend over to lunch. Offer to babysit, or offer to take a neighbor to a doctor's appointment. Call a friend you have not spoken with in a long time.
  2. Ritual. Part of the fun of the Christmas season are the rituals: lighting Advent candles, opening an Advent calendar each day, baking certain cookies, etc. Keep a ritual going by lighting a candle each night for dinner, or reading a book of the Bible, one chapter at a time.
  3. Be generous. While Christmas brings gifts to mind, not all generosity is related to our bank accounts. You can also be generous with your time, words, and spirit.
  4. Sing! I am always amazed at how the Christmas season gets people singing. It's ok to continue singing, even when it's not Christmas. Singing out loud - in the car, during worship, with your family, or in the quiet of the shower - somehow helps us open up emotions.
  5. Keep looking for Christ's presence. We know to look in the manger at Christmas. But we profess that God's kingdom is breaking into the world in all sorts of unexpected places! Wait, watch, and wonder out loud at where the Holy Spirit is moving.

Christmas might be over, but please know the spirit of the season continues. As Christians, we believe the Christmas story is only the beginning of God's amazing presence in the world through Jesus Christ. Continue to listen and seek out how the gospel is alive!

In Christ,

Pastor Heather

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Redeemer Lutheran Church welcomes the community to worship with them each Sunday. We offer a variety of worship styles from our richly traditional liturgical worship to a more relaxed contemporary worship offered throughout the year. Invitation is extended to all baptized Christians to share in Holy Communion on a regular basis.