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What Can We Do to Help?

As most of you are aware, this is the 500th Anniversary of the founding of the Lutheran Church by Martin Luther. Celebrations are going on all over the world with special events, movies, service projects, outreach programs and more. We here at Redeemer definitely want to be part of this special event and are asking you to say “what can I do?” to commemorate the 500th. It might just be a single outreach to someone in need, it might be a community project, it might be an international project - your choice.

Lutheran Relief Services is a place to start. There have been floods, hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes this past month. Our local community food bank can always use help. Check out the article below for another way you can make a difference!

Please be sure to involve your friends and family (all ages) as volunteers. Do you need help? If so, contact another church member, a member of the Thrivent Community or the church office some guidance. Help us make our mark on this important day in the Lutheran Church. Join us for the celebration on Reformation Sunday (October 29th) when we will acknowledge all your activities.

500th Anniversary Project

As we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the founding of the Lutheran Church by Martin Luther what better way than to help those who are less fortunate. On September 10th, which is Rally Day and God’s Work Our Hand’s Day, we will begin collecting the following items for orphan children living in Cusco, Peru. The area is over 15,000 ft in altitude and very cold. Therefore we will need cold weather clothing to keep these children warm. We have connected with a USA Christian medical clinic in Cusco who will be distributing the following items:

For Infants:

For children (size 3 and smaller:

For older children:

All items can be left in the Narthex in the designated area.


For full details contact the church office.

Your Help is Needed

Baptism Blankets Needed

Blankets are needed for our newly baptized children. We are almost out of blankets, especially for boys. If you have time, please knit a blanket or two to replenish our supply.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is getting low. Please bring non-perishables (that are still in date code) and help fill our grocery cart. Vegetables, canned meats, cereals, soup, paper towels, toilet paper, and napkins are all needed

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